Background in Travel

Beyond the precious cafes, cobblestone streets, intricate architecture, and rich history lies a story dear to my heart.

A story of a coming-of-age woman, embarking on a journey to an unknown land of uncertain possibilities. A journey that involves learning a new language and using it more than often than one’s mother tongue. A journey of assimilating into a culture much colder and individualistic than one’s own. A journey that many seek to gain a better life.

I’m thankful to my Mom, who took that journey.

My Mom’s immigration picture from when she was 17.

She immigrated to the United States at 17 from a little island named, “Graciosa” from the Azores, Portugal.

After putting herself through English classes and college courses, she became a computer programmer. Her and my Dad moved our family to the Big Island of Hawai’i.

The Big Island of Hawai’i is where I grew up learning the basics of the Hawaiian language and dance, researching way-finding and Pacific Island cultural heritage, grabbing sushi on the way to the beach, eating most meals outside and driving with the windows down, watching sunset after sunset, laying out under the stars, and listening to the palm trees clap in the wind at the recognition of their own beauty.

My Mom would take our family to Portugal during the summers and showed us the wonder of travel.

About Me

I’m a third grade teacher, soon-to-be school counselor that has many weeks out of the year to travel. Part of my self-care is planning trips, researching travel hacks, and sipping on some pipping hot tea. My husband is my favorite travel partner who is always up for whatever adventure I plan.

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