What to See in Austria – Four Days

The hills are ALIVE in Austria. Talk about a dream come true to visit this beautiful country! I was in awe over the scenery, culture, and tea displays as we went to three different cities in Austria. Here are four days in Austria that will leave you wanting more of this country! Day 1- Salzburg…

Christmas in Strasbourg, France – MUST SEES

Strasbourg is known as the capital of Christmas in France! Being five kilometers away from Germany, there is a huge German influence in the buildings within the city. It makes for a perfect vacation spot for Christmas! Travel It takes about an hour and forty-five minutes to get to Strasbourg from Paris by train. The…

Christmas in Paris – Three Day Itinerary

Welcome to your first full day in Paris! I hope you flew in, made it through the daunting CDG customs, and stayed up all day to start your first full day in Paris right! Day 1 Itinerary Angelina Paris Louvre Museum Purchase your tickets ahead of time to get into the museum. They will have…

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